Nicole Freebourne

Vice-President of Human Resources Development

Nicole Freebourne, NewWave’s Vice-President of Human Resources Development, is an experienced HR professional who has been shaping HR strategy for a range of companies for nearly 20 years. In her role, Nicole spear-headed HR strategy that has supported the company’s growth from a small core of employees during its start-up phase, to the 120+ employees employed with the organization today. She provides HR leadership that supports the company’s focus on innovation, its drive to serve customers with excellence and quality, and its unique team focused culture.

In her early career, Nicole served as an HR Specialist responsible for HR compliance, reporting, employee relations, and staffing. Within a few years her career in HR expanded to generalist and management functions where she was responsible for assisting with the oversight of 20+ geographically dispersed offices and HR Specialists that were part of a 1000+ person business unit within a fortune 500 company.

Notable accomplishments over her career include, leading the implementation of a corporate affirmative action system and program, launching a national background check program, compensation planning program, and instituting HR efficiencies. Nicole possesses a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Morgan State University and is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR).

Nicole is passionate about serving her community as well. She teaches at her local church, has led financial and personal development presentations and workshops for individuals, and volunteers with many non-profit organizations. Her volunteer focus has always been on improving education, improving health and wellness, and serving families in need. She continuously seeks opportunities to mentor and inspire others to achieve personally, professionally, and spiritually.