A platform-as-a-service and web-based DevOps platform that deploys and manages applications within the federal government’s 3-Zone Architecture.

For developers, setting up the infrastructure required to test new applications or to monitor software updates can be a time-consuming and costly ordeal. Now, there is a way to test and validate software and application code quickly and easily—without the hassle of standing up the entire infrastructure.

SPADE (Service Provisioning And Dashboard Environment)—a DevOps delivery platform from NewWave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.—is the only web-based DevOps platform that deploys and manages applications within the Federal Government’s 3-Zone Architecture.

While many products manage specific aspects of application infrastructure, SPADE is the only platform that manages the entire application provisioning and integration process, end-to-end.

  • Provisions Docker containers or VMs
  • Performs log aggregation
  • Maintains multiple app stacks
  • Implements “configuration as code”
  • Local, private repositories
  • Independent user registries per app
  • 3-Zone architecture isolation
  • Command-line, U/I, and API support



  • Open-Source
  • On-Premise Hosting
  • 3-Zone Architecture Approved
  • Dashboard Functionality
  • Web-Based
  • Cloud-Hosted
  • Vendor-Agnostic
  • API-Driven
  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Higher resource use through containerization
  • Consistency through standardized environments
  • Scalability with Auto-scaling functionality

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

SPADE runs containerized workloads that optimize datacenter resources; whether those resources reside on premise
or in the cloud. It integrates Google’s Kubernetes scheduler to provide cluster management and to
orchestrate Docker-based containers.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

SPADE checks out/compiles code, assesses code quality, measures test coverage, runs functional tests,
security scans, and unit tests delivered to our GitHub repository. It compiles results into a management
dashboard. SPADE packages and deploys artifacts to the development environment. SPADE users can enable
auto-scaling to cope with peaks in demand.

Application Management and Monitoring

SPADE defines applications in a single, JSON-based configuration file that is checked into version control for improved
performance. Via SPADE’s dashboard, system administrators can view real-time system and application statistics. The
platform provides auto-scaling functionality to cope with peaks in demand.

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