A modernized system built to process healthcare claims.

LiveHealthCare is a fully cloud based application, scalable to process any sum of healthcare claims and is built to withstand the continuous changes experienced by providers in the healthcare world. With LiveHealthcare, claims are processed near real-time as opposed to the multiple day turn-around currently experienced by healthcare providers.

LiveClaims is the overall user-interface system of LiveHealthcare. In LiveClaims, users can upload healthcare claims which are then processed through LiveRules. It is designed with the end-user in mind, providing cohesive management for providers to enroll in the program, update enrollment information, verify patient eligibility, submit a claim online and know if it is approved for payment.

LiveRules is what makes LiveHealthcare so fast. It is a simple, yet very powerful system within LiveHealthcare which acts as a set of rules to sort and process healthcare claims automatically. It is a web based interface where end-users can create and author their healthcare rules which are then passed through the LiveRules Processor (LRP) which will then audit the claims.

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