Microsoft HoloLens

A Microsoft-based augmented reality platform that allows medical providers to treat patients and access medical data using hand gestures and voice commands.

Most people are familiar with the concept of virtual reality; users strap on a headset and are placed in a virtual world, one in which everything around them is imaginary. The next step in virtual reality, however, is augmented reality. With augmented reality, users wear specially configured eyeglasses that let them continue to see the physical world, except that real world is now surrounded by additional information that lets them perform multiple functions quickly and transparently.

At NewWave, our developers are bringing augmented reality’s exciting possibilities to the healthcare space. In particular, NewWave is using the augmented reality capabilities in Microsoft’s HoloLens to enhance provider-patient interaction. For example, with this breakthrough, practitioners can treat patients directly while viewing their medical history as a navigable set of icons that surround the patient during the visit. With augmented reality, medical personnel can interact with the patient on a more personal level, without having to type answers to questions on a separate laptop or mobile device.

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