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NewWave develops digital transformation roadmaps and maturity models to help organizations baseline their current capabilities and apply new technology to real-world problems including human-centered design, cloud computing, and COTS/GOTS integration.

NewWave Telecom and Technologies, Inc. (NewWave) designs and develops digital solutions that solve problems. Our digital strategy teams collaborate with CIOs to understand how digital transformation will impact their organization. We develop tailored strategies for user-centered solutions in new and emerging technology areas. We develop digital transformation roadmaps and digital maturity models to help organizations baseline their current capabilities, then advise them on opportunities to apply innovation to stay ahead of the digital technology curve.

To ensure we stay ahead of this curve ourselves, NewWave invests in new and emerging technologies through our Innovation Lab: a dedicated team of technology researchers who apply new and emerging technologies to real-world customer problems. We invest in areas including Cognitive Services, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and advanced User Research techniques. Additionally, our digital development teams develop modern, enterprise web and mobile solutions. In our digital services work, we focus on a user research-centered playbook that emphasizes Human Centered Design, Agile development, and DevOps principles.

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