Cognitive Services Solution

NewWave’s Cognitive Services use natural language processing and machine learning to automate processes and streamline operations such as help desk automation, training center support, and diagnostic/repair facilities.

For help desk agents and analysts working in high volume call centers, the ability to provide customers with quick and accurate answers is the difference between success and failure. NewWave’s Cognitive Services can help a call center provide answers to users’ phone, live chat, and text requests. Whether your call center provides technical assistance or policy guidance, NewWave’s Cognitive Services provide accurate answers to all your help desk questions in seconds. You provide the subject matter, we provide the answers.

Our ground-breaking system retrieves prepared and approved answers by searching a knowledge database in response to direct natural-language questions. Our solution integrates an organization’s knowledge base quickly and easily. NewWave’s Cognitive Services allow help desk professionals to pivot quickly from subject to subject; our solution alerts the call taker to additional informative resources as the call is taken. Since our service uses natural language processing (via text or speech), language conversion, and machine learning, we enhance help desk support for any system—regardless of the subject matter.

Using content management, automated regression testing, and user-selectable content matching thresholds, our cognitive services answer day-to-day, routine questions; allowing your help desk agents and technical support personnel to focus on more involved help desk queries and customer service, rather than answering the same routinely asked questions repeatedly.

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