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Health Interoperability’s Future Is FHIR. NewWave is making it easier for beneficiaries, veterans, and patients to receive their health data and choose who they securely share it with.

What Is FHIR?
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) is an internationally agreed specification for the exchange of health information from HL7 International. FHIR is supported by an active community of implementers. The focus of FHIR is on rapid implementation with a framework that is familiar to web developers.

Interoperability – A Healthcare Imperative
Every healthcare organization needs to exchange information with customers, business partners, state and federal agencies. Data exchange has traditionally relied upon a combination of hard-toimplement standards that are slow to adapt to new requirements, or custom data formats that need to be adapted for each point-to-point exchange. Data exchange has also depended on data being pushed to a recipient by the sender. FHIR is a new approach. It is built for the web. It is an API with a core set of standard data formats. It proactively pulls the data you need, when you need it.

FHIR APIs And The Web
FHIR is designed to exchange information using web APIs and popular data formats such as JSON and XML. As such, developing Interoperability solutions using FHIR fits well with modern web development methodologies such as Agile development. The Federal Government has made a big commitment towards FHIR and adoption is rapidly moving from pilot to production use in health agencies across the Government.

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